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Training & Capacity Building

KNCCI is a member to a number of international research and analysis institutions that usually come up with very objective training programs on issues that affect entrepreneurs in certain environments impacting their business. Together with our partners, we organize workshops, seminars and conferences in which we try to equip our clients and members with possible remedial measures against anything which is negatively impacting on their businesses.

The results have always been positive followed by smiles of success in overcoming the said situations. In this respect, KNCCI is seeking joint ventures from professional institutions to enhance its capacity to offer more advanced training courses. The Chairman of the Kenya National chamber of commerce and industry, Mombasa County has in the past reiterated the strategic importance of training and capacity building as vital tools for business success especially in the port city of Mombasa.

Capacity building is the term used frequently by foundations and non profit leadership to ascertain the ability of an organization to effectively achieve its mission. It can also be described as the strategies or actions that an organization takes to ensure that it has the resources needed to succeed. By organizing capacity building seminars & workshops as a chamber in partnership with our partners we ensure that our members have the required resources needed to succeed and stand out in a crowded and competitive business environment.

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