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Inbound & Out Bound Trade Delegations

Trade mission is an international trip by government officials and business people that is organized by agencies of like the chamber for purpose of exploring international business opportunities for their members and the country.

Kenyan Trade Missions are about opening doors and developing long-term trade and investment opportunities in foreign markets for Kenyan businesses, including small and medium-sized enterprises, women, & young and new exporters. They build prestige and credibility for Kenya while helping exporters to position themselves in foreign markets. These missions are a significant component of Kenya’s international business development efforts.

The presence of a senior government minister or senior government official on a trade mission facilitates access to key economic and political decision-makers for Kenyan firms and provides greater public profile to business participants, helping them to network with the local business community. Business people who attend trade missions are typically introduced both to important business contacts and to well-placed government officials

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