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Ordinary Certificate of Origin

The National Chairman of Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KNCCI), Mr. Kiprono Kittony and the Managing Director, Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS), Mr. Charles Ongwae, in 2014 announced that the issuance of the Certificate of Origin will be solely done by the Kenya Chambers of Commerce with effect from 1st July 2014. This effectively gives the Chamber the mandate to issue the document to all exporters of goods originating from Kenya. Previously Issuance of Certificates of Origin was moved from KNCCI in 2005 to KEBS following restructuring and reorganization of the Chamber.

The function is now fully moved back to the Chamber. The Certificate of Origin is a document which certifies that a certain product being exported actually originates from the exporting country for the purpose of facilitating trade between countries. The Certificate of Origin is either preferential or ordinary.

The Preferential Certificate of Origin is used for exports to the regions where Kenya has a preferential trade agreement such as African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA), COMESA, EAC, and European Union (EURO1). KRA currently issues the Preferential Certificates of Origin” The Chamber is also in the process of automating the Certification process, which will enhance trade facilitation to improve our export position as a Country.

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