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Kenyans headed to the polls on August 9 to vote for president, members of the National Assembly, Senate, and Leadership for the country’s 47 counties. The general elections matter because it is our constitutional right to elect leaders who understand our hopes and aspirations and would help us actualize them.The 2022 elections took place against a backdrop of three sequential, disputed presidential elections.

Due to constitutional term limits, Kenyans were electing a new president for the third time since the re-introduction of multiparty politics. The political context reflected a realignment of alliances among major political parties, demonstrating the dynamic nature of our electoral landscape.

Previous polls, especially in 2007 and 2017, were marred by violence. Thus, while KNCCI and other stakeholders made significant efforts to ensure peaceful elections, current political dynamics, particularly the shifting political alliances and the country’s post-independence history of election-related violence had many citizens speculate about the prospect of tumultuous elections. The competitiveness of the elections and uncertainty over the outcome distinguishes Kenya from many of its neighbors as elections in Kenya remain a period of high tension unfortunately.

Election violence in Mombasa County has been a major issue in previous elections and there were fears that this vote could spur conflict in identified areas like Likoni, Kisauni and Mvita thus many businesses opted to remain closed.  We are happy to note that Mombasa County remains peaceful with normalcy resuming slowly and everybody going on with their normal business contrary to what many expected. The National Security Advisory Committee (NSAC), which comprises top security and government officials has also assured the country of adequate security as they go about their activities.

Let me conclude by mentioning that Kenya is suffering from a severe drought, rising debt and inflation.  Food prices have soared by 15 percent in the last year alone. With the largest economy in East Africa, Kenya’s stability going forward is critical to the wider region. We therefore appeal to the citizens and the business community in Mombasa County to resume their normal daily activities following the conclusion of the Aug. 9 General elections.

May Peace Prevail and God Bless The Republic Kenya !

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About the Chamber

The Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KNCCI) was established in 1965 as the umbrella body of the private sector in Kenya. It was set up as an amalgamation of three Chambers of Commerce that existed at that time, namely; the Asian, the African and the European chambers of commerce.

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