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The chamber provide a strong, collective voice to inform and influence public policy . Advocacy and lobbying are effective ways through which the Kenya chamber of commerce & Industry uses to create awareness about how the business community in Mombasa is impacted, either positively or negatively, by public policy. The Kenya National Chamber of commerce & Industry, Mombasa County uses advocacy in educating and creating awareness among legislators and the general public of issues facing the business community and the importance of aligning public policy to address their needs.

Our advocacy does not endorse or oppose specific legislation, but rather informs the business community at large how public policy decisions impact service provision and their business operations. By motivating and mobilizing the community, the chamber uses knowledge for purposes of social change.


I am particularly proud of the Chamber’s role in the indigenization of commerce after independence; and its warm relations with Government, which have found the balance between respect for public interest and robust advocacy of its members’ interests.

President Uhuru Kenyatta


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