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Youth Participation in the Electoral Process

Approximately 75% of Kenya’s population are under 35 and 40% are under 15 years. The Kenyan youth have been largely excluded from meaningful political participation in the past.
Research suggests that when young people are involved in the political leadership of the nation they are likely to participate in elections and uphold the constitution.
Kenyan youth have demonstrated a lack of political interest and knowledge about the electoral processes, voting rights, and the electoral system, which has reduced their participation in Kenya’s elections over the years. In Mombasa, young people are often politically marginalized because of age, lack of experience, and resources. Significant obstacles for young people in Kenya in political participation are at individual, organizational and structural levels.
KNCCI in partnership with Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung have organised a two-day forum that will focus on youth participation in the democratic process and seek to engage young people in Mombasa in issues that affect them through increasing their informed participation in the upcoming 2022 elections in Kenya.
The forum also seeks to effectively include young people in democracy by providing a platform to organize, generate ideas and voice their opinions without the interference of power differences.
We hope at the end of the two day the participants will have benefited from easily accessible information about the political intentions of their leaders and active engagement in future development initiatives. This process will open avenues for youth to share their challenges, encourage them to participate in the electoral process, and be in a position to contribute to future development planning.

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